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Carbon-free NH3 is here!

Our NH3 systems make clean fuel

  • Clean power, air, & water are combined to make clean fuel

  • Fuel costs are stabilized

  • Mass produced modules speed installation & reduce project risk

  • Modules are deployed to match market demand

Our technology changes the game

  • Fast heating to operating temperature allows for nightly shutdown on solar power

  • Low pressure operation means less costs

  • Flexible process follows variable power and saves money

  • Six US/PCT patents pending

  • Working 10kg/day system

  • Designing 100kg/day system

  • Taking orders in 2021


Rapid Ramp NH3

Starfire Energy is developing modular systems to produce carbon-free NH3.  We are doing this because NH3, also known as ammonia, can be used as a fuel to power nearly anything from utility plants to fuel cell vehicles.

NH3 has 9X the energy density of Li-ion batteries, 1.8X the energy density of liquid hydrogen, and 2.8X the energy density of 10,000 psi compressed hydrogen. It stores and transports cheaply using well-developed technologies, codes, and standards. It can be used directly as a fuel or it can be 'cracked' and its hydrogen harvested more cheaply than storing and transporting liquid hydrogen.

NH3 has been produced, transported, and handled for more than 100 years so has a lot of codes, standards, and infrastructure for it - it is a known quantity when it comes to how to work with it.

NH3's only problem today is that it is made using fossil fuels, which emits 2 tonnes of CO2 for every 1 tonne of NH3 produced. Starfire Energy is fixing that problem.

Our NH3 reactor can directly follow the variable output from wind and solar power plants. We don't use any fossil fuels at all, so there are no CO2 emissions during carbon-free NH3 production or use!

Starfire Energy is changing the way NH3 is used. Our NH3 cracking technology operates at lower temperatures than the industry standard. We can use it to change how NH3 burns or even deliver pure hydrogen if needed. Our technology addresses everything from carbon-free NH3 fuel production to end use.

Our technology is being designed into modular systems that can be quickly deployed based on market demand, which reduces business risk. Facilities can be scaled up by adding more modules to stay in sync with market demand.


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